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A history of polishing machines - Astrosurf

Drawing by Huygens representing his lens polishing machine (1683) . and an amateur astronomer, launched in 1843 the making of a 183cm bronze mirror for.

Prism and Lens Making: A Textbook for Optical Glassworkers .

Prism and Lens Making: A Textbook for Optical Glassworkers (Series in Optics . for the 'amateur telescope maker', who still works glass with simple equipment, and . This book is covering nearly every aspect about optics making: Grinding,.

Only as Good as Their Telescopes

After its importance to science became well known, lens grinding became . The same machine also polished lenses by substituting a buffer for the cutting tool. . Another method still used by amateurs to polish telescope mirrors involved.

Fresnel lens - Wikipedia

A Fresnel lens is a type of compact lens originally developed by French physicist . Whereas Buffon proposed grinding such a lens from a single piece of glass, the . In modern times, computer-controlled milling equipment (CNC) might be used ... Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society · International Lighthouse and Lightship.

tut44 Making A Mirror Grinding Tool - Amateur Astronomers, Inc.

Making A Mirror Grinding Tool. By Allen Malsburry. The average person would never think, "I can make my own telescope." Most amateur astronomers believe,.

Fabrication errors - Amateur Telescope Optics

Optical surface fabrication errors as the source of telescope aberrations. . GLASS: Zerodur METHOD: polishing machine GRINDING: aluminum oxide

Tell me about grinding your own telescope lenses - Straight Dope .

Dec 5, 2007 . Tell me about grinding your own telescope lenses General Questions. . The fact is that, with reasonable care, an amateur can grind a pretty good . only got to use equipment but also advice from a professional astronomer.

Spherometers reveal how round is round | National Museum of .

Jul 6, 2015 . 19th century lens grinding machine. . use, many amateur astronomers still grind their own lenses and use spherometers in the process.

Mirror grinding machine | Hackaday

Sep 26, 2006 . The true test of the amateur astronomer is building their own telescope. Grinding and polishing your own mirrors is a long, arduous process.

Mike Lockwood Telescope Making Mirror Making

Mike Lockwood's Amateur Telescope Making (ATM) Home Page . Small grinding machine, Large grinding machine. Optical Articles, Tables, etc. Figuring with a.

Astro-Tel - Mirror grinding machine

I made my first mirror grinding and polishing machine over thirty years ago. . the machine illustrated at "A" Fig.3, Page 163, "Amateur Telescope Making" Book 1.

Mirror grinding | Hacker News

Mar 10, 2017 . I'd love to grind my own mirror, but are there health concerns with the .. extra cash by producing astronomical equipment for other amateurs.

How telescope is made - material, manufacture, making, history .

An optical telescope which uses lenses is known as a refracting telescope or a .. This is necessary so that the grinding machine can grind them all in the same way. .. Amateur astronomers will soon be able to obtain telescopes with built-in.

Would an amateur telescope maker be able to grind a mirror 1 or .

The record for largest telescope made the same way amateurs use today goes to Ireland's Lord Rosse, who in 1845 built a 72-inch-telescope. Mirror grinding.

How doI grind mirrors and lenses for my telescope? - Quora

Answer Wiki. 2 Answers. Brad Hoehne, I built a telescope, mirror and all, from scratch. . Would an amateur telescope maker be able to grind a mirror 1 or even 2 meters in diameter (with the help of a grinding machine)? · What is the best.

Amateur Telescope Making edited by Albert G. Ingalls - Willmann-Bell

Volume 3, Subjects covered: Optical Production Methods and Machinery; Eyepieces and Small . A.4.12 A Last Word to Beginners on Insufficient Grinding 107

Joy of Mirror Making: Rough Grinding - Mel Bartels

Rough grinding a telescope mirror. . The curve is ground into the mirror face using a grinding tool. . Diamond wheel grinder rubbed against the mirror face. ... a few millionths of an inch in the mirror's surface for a typical amateur telescope.

Amateur Lens Making. - Bob May's

1 shows a lens grinder, suitable for the amateur for making lenses up to 1" diameter. It is also . Formed laps may be cut directly on the machine with a hand tool.

OSA | Lens Making for Scientific Instrumentation in the Seventeenth .

With this lathe—as with all other lens grinding machines—the accuracy of the final .. much sought by the scientific practitioners and wealthy amateurs of his day.

grinding, polishing and figuring - thin telescope mirror: part i

For many years, amateur astronomers and telescope makers thought it .. done on diamond-grinding machines - something most of you don't have access to.

Schneider Taking Lenses - Schneider Kreuznach

optical grinding and polishing machines, CNCs and Schneider's . The leading brand for professionals and discriminating amateur photographers. B+W Filters.


. that achieving different type of lenses was not feasible for an amateur and would only . Anyone who has ever read about lens grinding techniques is aware that the . The tool was attached to a drilling machine permanently supported by a.

The Home of Kodak

Having selected a view and set up the camera, the early amateur had to crawl under his .. Recordak, a machine which photographs on narrow-width film the checks passing .. The main lens grinding room of the Hawk-Eye /Forks. Crilirnl.

amateur lens grinding machines,

One Small Step For Magnification, One Giant Leap For Home Lens .

Jul 12, 2014 . [Peter] felt it was time to give home lens manufacturing a shot and sent in a tip . Optic Lens Manufactured at Home using CNC Milling Machine .. Amateur astronomers have been making lenses themselves for centuries.

(PDF) Development of Metallographic Specimen Polishing Machine

Aug 28, 2018 . Huygens' lens polishing machine (1683) and. Cherubin d'Orleans .. that the bible of French amateur mirror makers,. "La construction du.

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Amateurs can make refracting telescopes. . A usable objective lens can be salvaged from many types of equipment that use projection lenses and other .. I will grind and polish a shorter focal length mirror and a longer focal length mirror.

Astro-Tel - Mirror grinding machine

I made my first mirror grinding and polishing machine over thirty years ago. . the machine illustrated at "A" Fig.3, Page 163, "Amateur Telescope Making" Book 1.

amateur lens grinding machines,

Stellafane ATM:Mirror Making Myths

Most professional and some amateurs do use machines, but these are simple, rotating spindles to supply the energy for grinding from a motor and not your.

Constructing grinding and polishing machines - SAO/NASA ADS

Introduction Mirror or lens grinding by hand can be a labour of love: great fun at . a machine would, in all probability turn to Hindle's notes in Amateur Telescope.

Grinding to Size. - University of Michigan

Since I've been designing optics, I've come to understand that lens thickness is . Ideally, when machine polishing with the optics on top, the lap should be 6/5.

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Oct 15, 2015 . Lens grinding machine, circa 1836. 17th century lens grinding lathe .. In other cases, a method still used by amateurs to polish telescope.

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